All about Romance

Romance your husband to improve your relationship for the long term to keep it fresh and vibrant for longevity as well as making you both happier and more fulfilled. When you romance your husband you give him permission to return the favor for an improvement you will both cherish and maintain the happy couple you were when you first married.

What do you think of when you hear the term “romance”? Is it a bit old fashioned or out of date? Well the truth remains that romance is an essential part of your married life and should only be ignored at your own peril. At your peril simply means divorce, estrangement, unhappiness of either yourself or your husband or both. Romance will not cure all that ails a relationship but it can go a long way towards bringing a man and a woman together and softening the complexities of modern day life. If that sounds Pollyannaish then so be it. On the other hand consider what romance really means. Walking together holding hands is one bit of romance that is not really overly outlandish but yet it does more than cause a husband and wife to touch each other. Or is it? Why do many women go out of their way to hold hands in the mall, on a walk or simply when they are together? Because it is a simple, real method of connecting with another person.

Connection is a funny word, or is it? Connecting with a person might mean getting a phone call and that means you made a connection over the phone lines. Calling your mother and speaking to her may mean making a connection. Is that an important or not an important method of human existence? Are we not meant to connect on some level? The answer must surely be yes!